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            Welcome to Pin Pals!  Our exciting collection of pins is a perfect way to show your love for a pet or your dedication to a favorite hobby.


            The original eight freshwater pins were initially created to help anglers promote their deep interest in a sport that they love.  By wearing your adopted Pin Pal on a jacket or hat, you are telling everyone how you prefer to spend your personal time.  


            Pin Pals are perfect for everyone.  Men will wear the pins with pride, for they can represent a particular area of importance to home.  Women will love the quality of the artwork.  Children will often start collecting a series of pins of the fish that they have caught.


            The depth of the detail on the pins is astounding.  Pin Pals have commissioned two award-winning artists: Terry Doughty and Virgil Beck, to create the artwork that would make our ideas seemingly come to life.  The original paintings are photographically transferred and crafted into pins using high-grade materials for long lasting durability.  You will be impressed by how realistically they look.  


            Pin Pals make great gifts.  Fishing, hunting and kennel clubs will find that our pins are wonderful promotional advertisers.  Contact us today to find out where you can locate a pin pals retailer nearest you!




                                        Freshwater Fish Series:


Pictures have been sized to show actual size of pin.  Click on the picture to see the excellent detail!

Please note that PinPals, Inc. holds the copyright for all artwork.  This artwork may not be reproduced or duplicated in any way without permission from PinPals, Inc.








Largemouth Bass  


Smallmouth Bass  


Jumping Largemouth Bass  


Northern Pike  






Flathead Catfish  


Brown Trout  


Rainbow Trout  


Lake Trout  


Brook Trout  


Chinook Salmon  


Saltwater Fish Series:



Blue Marlin  










Dog Pin Series:

Black Lab  


Yellow Lab  


Chocolate Lab  


Golden Retriever